Sunday, September 29, 2013

Google + Jade Dynasty Community *-* Cause it's the next BIG thing!

I decided I'll make a JD community on Google+ xD for those of you who don't know yet, Google+ is gonna be the most epic hangout soon :3

This will be a great place for everyone to share videos and screenies directly from thier Gmail/Google account without having to bother to put it on Forums or etc. With this you can share your stuff with people in your Circles and your other out of JD family/friends as well.

This will be Cross server not just Billows so we would get to know out of Billows people firsthand without having to deal with annoying pages and pages of forums posts. Easily browse through videos and pics and just jump to whichever you fancy ^-^

Spread it! Share it! + it! *-*

Free Grade 18 Temp Pets Giveaway~

So I got this random email o.o; giving me this code :

--->  9DE6RZ4 <--

To redeem it, go to JD website, Log in to your account and go to This link > Redeem! and enter this code to get 3, 1 day G18 Pets *-* quite helpful with wars or botting ^-^

I'll post more codes if I get them, enjoy your free pets ^-^

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JD Fashion Show Part 3 ~ The Sunstrider Fashion Sets !

Hello everyone!
Presenting this time is not one or two but 3 different fashion sets both male and female that are (so far) redeemable with codes only. The code you ask? Look in here to see details :3 

First Fashion issss the Moonfall Set!
Quite glamours and dignified, perfect for the people who like to keep it royal and elegant.
The female hair looks like a mermaid hair <3 and the male Blue Rose looks very mysterious and romantic, did you know the Blue Rose symbolizes mystery and Unrequited love?

My JD sis IrisFrost from Ultimate with Moonfall Female Set :

RavenClaws from SOLDIER Alliance with the Male Moonfall Set :

Next up is the Stylish and Fresh looking Springshine Set.
This one I really liked the female version of, from long before it even got into the game here, one of the few fashion that don't have the basic long back design. The Male version looks very different from the female one.

My JD Sis IrisFrost from my alliance Ultimate again with the Female version:

And Taishang from Camelot with the Springshine Male version for Athans~

And my good friend KingVT with the Male Springshine for Humans:

 Finally the Cutest and Most Adorable the Peachflower Set!
I personally feel like this one was made for cutie factions like ardens better xP the Male set however is my personal favorite.

 My Friend Juliete from TROY with the female Peachflower Set:

And Gojou the very very nice friend from FREEDOM who helped me get the pic for the final fashion because of which I wasn't able to make this post sooner (since no one seemed to have this particular set :x) with the MALE Peachflower! doesn't he look so dignified and stylish x3

AND with that we come to a FINAL Bonus! my fave pic Thanks to Tanshang which I made into a special wallpaper for your screens ^-^

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The Sunstrider Update and the Code Confusion

Along with the Sunstrider Update (Official Link) the codes were sent out as Sunstrider Updae Reward for the level cap increase and new stuff coming out. Randomly people were sent emails titled " Elite Sunstrider Rewards and a New Level Cap!" who got the code for a Fashion Set, Champion Ribbon (a Seal that gives awesome stats like 4% Crit Rate, 5% HP Increase and 2% Critnull, will add pic later), and 9999x Chroma Beads (that don't say they're un-tradeable but they actually are :x). There was a huge annoyance over the code since a lot of people didn't get the codes and the emails they got were just titled "Can you handle a new level cap?" that contained ONLY a 7 day Zodiac Lord transform Gem, yes not even permanent :x and it's the same gem that Final level VIP rank people get, so it's basically useless for people who charge a lot. In addition a LOT of high levels and active people didn't get the code and people's random alts got it >.< Anyhow the good thing with the good for the fashion lovers was the fact that the code had a choice of several fashions to choose from (Look here for full fashion list) The fashion can be redeemed at this NPC

in Sunstream near the Jade Exchange Girl. The JD Fashion Show list will help you choose pick which fashion to choose so you don't regret later :3